Resources, Reports & Publications

Pre-Engineering at Tribal Colleges

Bringing Engineering to Indians This 2012 report provides a status report on the Pre-Engineering Education Collaboratives.

Engineering the Future This NSF-funded report provides a concise overview of the history and purpose of the Pre-Engineering Education Collaboratives.

Engineering Education in the Nation’s Tribal Colleges and Universities Workshop Report  Summarizes a 2005 NSF workshop documenting the need for engineering programs at tribal colleges. Discusses possible approaches to collaboration and program development.

The Pre-Engineering Education Collaboratives: Outcomes and Recommendations Reviews accomplishments and lessons learned from the NSF-funded pre-engineering initiatives within tribal colleges and the University of Hawaii.

STEM Education within Tribal and Native-Serving Colleges and Universities

Building Colleges That Build Nations, a report summarizing outcomes of the 2016 NSF-TCUP Leaders’ Forum. Presentations and discussions focused on the role of partnerships in developing strong STEM programs within tribal colleges and universities.

Tribal Colleges and Universities Program: 2014 Leaders’ Forum A report reviewing growth and development of the National Science Foundation’s Tribal Colleges and Universities Program. Documents impact of funding on STEM capacity within Tribal and Native-serving colleges, and discussing emerging role of research within the institutions.

Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) released a report summarizing best practices in STEM education within tribal colleges.

K-12 STEM Education Reform

Building Community: Reforming Math and Science Education in Rural Schools By Paul Boyer. A 2006 monograph examining the impact of the NSF-funded Rural Systemic Initiative, which supported K-12 education reform in regions of “persistent rural poverty.” Discusses programs supported by tribal colleges, as well as innovative school reform initiatives in Alaska, Appalachia, and south Texas, among other regions.

Philanthropy and Funding

Investing in Native Communities, a joint project of Native Americans in Philanthropy and Candid, tracks foundations that fund Native American programs and identifies recipients of funding. A companion report, released in 2019, is also available.