• Strength in Numbers Data is power, argues Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College President Twyla Baker.
  • A New Era Free tuition, bigger Pell grants, and more support for STEM research, healthcare, and broadband are among Biden administration policy plans that will, if enacted, strengthen tribal colleges and empower tribal nations.
  • Small Grants, Big Impact The National Science Foundation’s Small Grants for Research program promotes faculty recruitment and retention within tribal colleges, while also strengthening undergraduate teaching.
  • Building Better Research Relationships Scholars from mainstream institutions too often see Native peoples simply as a source of data. A recent webinar outlined the problem and offered strategies for researchers who work with indigenous communities.

Field Notes

  • Leading the Way Out of necessity, tribes became leaders in the battle against Covid-19. A recent conference, hosted by Dine College, investigated what the nation can learn from their work.
  • Safety First Settling in for the long haul, tribal colleges are rearranging academic calendars, loaning laptops, installing Plexiglas, offering tuition discounts, and hosting virtual social events as Covid-19 maintains its grip on reservations nationwide.
  • Building Connections Most tribal college IT departments are understaffed and rely on outdated equipment. However, there are cost effective ways to overcome cyberinfrastructure limitations, according to a recently completed study.

Student Research

Native Science Report’s 2019-2020 Student Research Showcase is featuring the work of five undergraduate students from tribal and Native-serving colleges.

Special Reports

Voices of Language

Voices of Language is a series of reports published by Native Science Report examining how Native communities in North America are working to sustain and revitalize their threatened indigenous languages.