Native Science Report

Originally called the Native Engineering Report, the initial goal of this publication was to report on the development of pre-engineering programs within tribal and Native-serving colleges across the United States.

We will continue to follow the progress of this National Science Foundation-funded initiative. However, we are now broadening the scope of our reporting. With generous support from the National Science Foundation, the publication will now report on larger effort to build strong and innovative math and science programs within all of the nation’s approximately three dozen tribal colleges and universities.

With a new look and a new name, we will explore how these innovative Indian-led colleges and universities are building science, math, and engineering programs that reflect the needs of their students and values of their reservation communities. Our goal is to serve as a resource for administrators, faculty and students. In the coming months, please look for information about:

* The role of research in the undergraduate curriculum.

* The integration of culture in the STEM curriculum

* Effective approaches to Native student recruitment and retention in STEM programs.

* The challenges of remedial education–and some strategies that work.

And, of course, much more–including announcements of upcoming conferences and grant opportunities, summaries of key policy reports ,and links to relevant articles and research in leading newspapers and journals.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please share  your ideas and comments as we broaden our focus and work to become a valuable resource for the tribal college community.

Dr. Paul Boyer,