College of Menominee Nation Celebrates its First Pre-Engineering Graduate

College of Menominee proudly announced the graduation of its first pre engineering student. Charles James graduated in June and is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley where he plans to complete a B.S. in mechanical engineering.


“Charles was our first student and was a very understanding guinea pig for our experiments in instruction,” said College of Menominee Nation instructor Cody Martin. “Hopefully we managed to teach him as much as he taught us.”

James is, by all accounts, a highly talented student who enriched both the program and the college. “Charles was the valedictorian of his high school class (I’m told he was a talented running back on the football team) and is a man of impeccable character, diligence, charm and persistence,” Martin said. “He is a dedicated single father of one son who is more than a handful and rules his father with an iron fist (albeit a small one). I cannot think of anyone more suited to survive the birth of our little program. The tribe can be proud of his dedication and effort.”

“Of course we are all impatiently waiting for him to continue on to the completion of his baccalaureate degree,” Martin said.

Congratulations to both Charles and the College of Menominee Nation.