Documenting the History of PEEC

An important goal of  The Native Engineering Report is to gather and make available a wide range of documents about PEEC and, more broadly, the history and impact of NSF-funded programs related to tribal and Native education.

Ultimately, we hope this web site will become a comprehensive archive that will not only inform your current work, but also help support assessment and the development of future proposals.

Several publications are already available through the “Links” tab. In addition, we are now adding two more documents.

The first is a copy of Building Community: Reforming Math and Science Education in Rural Schools, a 2006 report exploring the work and impact of the NSF-funded Rural Systemic Initiative. Tribal colleges played a central role in developing innovative practices for k-12 schools in Indian Country and both the University of Hawaii and University of Alaska developed and ran programs in their states.  This qualitative study tells the story of their work. (Please note that this pdf is not the final published version, which has been lost. In design and content it varies slightly from the print publication). Click here for the report: Building Community final

Secondly, Carty Monette is helping us locate conference proceedings and reports that eventually led to the formation of PEEC. This week, we are uploading a summary of a 2005 NSF workshop that documented the need for engineering education in tribal colleges. It illustrates how the project grew and evolved out of conversations that began nearly a decade ago. Here’s the document: TCU_Report_Final

We will continue to post reports and documents. Check back for the latest additions.