About Voices of Language

Voices of Language is a series of reports published by Native Science Report examining how Native communities in North America are working to sustain and revitalize their threatened indigenous languages. Funded by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation, Voices of Language focuses on the work of individual educators and activists. By telling their stories, we hope to provide inspiration and insight to others taking part in this young movement.

Available documents within this ongoing project include:


Following a Path to Fluency
Educators on the Big Island of Hawai’i are successfully rebuilding fluency in the Hawaiian language. A new report shows how tribal colleges and Native communities on the mainland can replicate their work.

When You Come in This House, You Speak Mohawk
The long history and hopeful future of Mohawk language revitalization is explored in a new report.

New Report Examines Language Revitalization on the Fort Berthold Reservation


The Path to Fluency
Lessons in Language Revitalization from Hawaii

Language Connects Us
Maintaining the Mohawk language on the St. Regis Reservation

Taking Back the Language
Revitalizing Hidatsa, Mandan and Arikara on the Fort Berthold Reservation